Capitol Spiking

I made my fifth trip to Washington, D.C., a few weeks ago. While my trip was business in nature, I spent a few extra days visiting my brother and his family in Fairfax before they packed up and moved to Los Angeles. I really enjoy visiting the nations’s capitol and, even though I’ve seen many of the major monuments, landmarks, and many museums, it’s still a rush to take it in and this trip was no different. This was my first opportunity to go to the top of the Washington Monument, and the views it afforded were spectacular. It helped that we had an overcast day for some great lighting. I also made my first visit to the Holocaust Museum, which was pretty incredible. I have an entire gallery of photos of my trip linked here.


While our spring time is filled with softball, our fall fills up with volleyball. This year all three girls are playing and loving it. Each only has a single match left (it’s a 6-match season over 8 weeks of time) and they are all bummed it’s ending. I’ve had the opportunity to coach Leah’s team, just like last year. This is the third time I’ve coached Leah in a sport and I’ve yet to be a head coach for one of Abby’s teams. I think when Abby started, I never felt confident that I knew how to coach whatever sport and age division she was entering, so I backed off. At Leah’s ages, however, it’s mostly about motivating the kids and making sure they learn basics while still having enough fun to come back next year. I can do that. I really like volleyball and wish I’d played it growing up or even as an adult.IMG_20151205_130900



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