Good Samaritan

Recently I got a flat tire while driving on I-15. Luckily, it was a (somewhat) slow flat that didn’t blow out, creating a potentially disastrous situation. Additionally, it was a Sunday afternoon, so I had no problem moving over to the shoulder.

After parking on the shoulder, I proceeded to remove items from my trunk, such as the jack, crowbar, and spare tire. While doing this, a Good Samaritan — or so it seemed — pulled over behind me. This mid-60’s man walked out of his truck and approached me while I pulled the spare out of my trunk. He pulled out an road atlas and said, “I’m trying to get to Twin Falls, ID. Is this the right road? Am I close?”

Being an avid map reader, I was flummoxed he didn’t understand the basic principles of maps, scale, and contextual information present on any (decent) map. I reassured him he was on the right road and would be for over an hour still. I told him to catch I-84 to Boise when he saw the option and then he’d drive right to Twin Falls along that route.

He thanked me and returned to his truck without any acknowledgement of my situation. I chuckled, and then proceeded to complete the tire change.