It’s Nearly Over (summer, that is)

Abby, our oldest, turned 12 years old last week. For her birthday, we woke her up at 5:30am, dressed in church clothes, and drove to the Bountiful Temple to let her participate in proxy baptisms for ancestors who have passed on without the opportunity for baptism while they were alive. It was a fun experience, followed up with a breakfast at Kneaders. Holy cow, their french toast is enough to put a few pounds on a person in one meal.IMG_20150811_071709 IMG_20150811_075306

Summer is quickly fading away. The kids go back to school in a week (August 24). While it feels like it’s been a fast summer, we’ve kept pretty busy. Abby played on an all-star (rec league) team and participated in 4 tournaments. Mixed with three practices a week and you’ve got a recipe for a busy few months. About half way through the season, the only reliable help coaching the team was the actual head coach, so I started attending practice to help out. I loved being part of the coaching experience, but when it was all over, we were all tired.

Our neighbors across the street have been in France for a month. It’s been really weird not seeing their five kids roaming the neighborhood, sharing popsicles with my kids, and hanging out with us. Three of their kids are in the French immersion program at school so they got to really practice what they’ve been learning.20150718_174951

Fruit Heights hosts a Founder’s Day celebration the first Saturday of August every year. They also host a free 5K, 2K, and 1K for families. I love free races because I ain’t made of money, and it also makes it easy for my kids to participate. Me, Jen, Leah, and Lauren all ran the 5K, and then Abby and Austin got involved by running the 2K and 1K, respectively. In addition, Leah and Lauren ran again and participated in both races. Leah ended up winning the 2K race, even after running the 5K with me. We may have a runner on our hands if she can figure out how to manage her internal temperature (she gets hot easily).20150801_091934 Abby had a rite of passage of sorts last week. Our informal rule is that the girls can’t shave or wear any makeup until they turn twelve. Like any kid, Abby was a bit excited to move on to grown-up things. However, as we told her, once she starts shaving those legs, there’s no going back!

I took the local Boy Scouts up to Bear Lake the last week of August. I always forget just how blue and gorgeous that water is until I arrive. We enjoyed some cool, windy, gorgeous, hot, perfect weather while up there. For some of these boys it was their first trip to the lake. It’s my fifth, so I’ve been a fan for quite some time now. It was a fun time at the lake and I’m glad we went here this year. Next year we’re planning to head to a camp between Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP. Talk about some cool places for Scout Camp!Two fires

Approaching storm

The week after Scout Camp, Jen and Abby went to Girls Camp. They camped in a lodge with actual bathrooms, kitchens, and floors. This was Abby’s first year at camp and Jen was one of the assistant camp directors, so they got to spend time together up there. I went up the last night/day to help wrap things up and haul things home.IMG_20150806_085112


One thought on “It’s Nearly Over (summer, that is)

  1. I love that Abby got to go to the temple for her birthday! You are great parents if that was what she wants to do! Also, tell her that she’s so grown up now shaving her legs. You are right, it’s fun at first, then is decades of prickles and shaving. And I’m so impressed with your running kids. I’ve got Ry running with me in preparation for a Mt. Borah hike, she’s worked up to a mile and a half. I seriously know of no kids Leah’s age that could run like that.

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