Picture Dump

With summer quickly setting in, it must mean the school year is out. The lead-up to the last day of school was pretty busy this year. Leah participated in an inter-school French spelling bee and ended up winning as the best speller between multiple schools in grades 4-6. She also participated in an inter-school decathalon where she competed in physical activities (such as standing long jump, situps, pushups, etc.). Their group came in 5th out of 16 teams. Kudos to them.
Long JumpWinner

Abby performed in the school’s ballroom program and had a few performances. She’s officially held a boy’s hand now, even though it was forced.Ballroom

Leah wanted an “end of school year” party so she invited all the girls in her class to come over for an evening of treats, games, and general 10-year-old girl silliness. She’s got a lot of great friends at her school.
Late NightTradition has it that the last day of school means the kids get off the bus and are met with tons of water balloons from many of the neighborhood moms. It turns in to a fun water fight and the bus driver even flips a u-turn and drives slowly down the road so the kids can bombard his bus with balloons. Fun tradition.Water PartyAbby completed the 6th grade and has had a core group of friends this year she’s done nearly everything with. They are good girls and we’re glad they hang out.6th Graders

Leah turned 10 years old in May and we got her some caped Sergio Romo socks. She promptly wore them to her next softball game and rocked it.20150525_083218 I traveled to Logan, UT, to visit Utah State University recently. They have a shop called “Aggie Air” that builds and flies UAS (unmanned aerial systems). We are partnering with them to fly over the Fish Lake to image some invasive aquatic vegetation. Aggie Air seems to have it together and I’m looking forward to observing the mission this fall.IMG_20150526_085735 IMG_20150526_093602 At a graduation open house in our old West Jordan neighborhood.20150607_190637 The girls got to attend a day camp where they walked on monkey bridges …20150608_101247 Shot BB guns …20150608_104442Tried their hand at archery …
20150608_110706 And went canoeing. Glad the girls get a taste of what the Boy Scouts get to do all the time!20150608_143921 Both Abby (12U) and Leah (10U) are playing softball this year for Kaysville City. Both girls have done very well collectively (team) and individually. Abby tried out for and made the all-star team and will be playing softball all summer. Leah decided she wanted to have a summer, so she didn’t even try out. Having coached Leah’s team, I can vouch for her talent and say Leah would have been snatched up in an all-star tryout.IMG_20150610_200351

I took the Scouts camping to some dispersed camping on Skyline Drive above Bountiful. We were rewarded with some awesome views. This is looking south towards the Cottonwood canyons.PANO_20150613_100732 One of the adults who accompanied me on this camp brought sticky rice, steak (he cooked over the fire), and a bunch of Thai spices. Probably the most unique and tasty camp food I’ve had. It was awesome.IMG_20150612_190415 I was up before the sunrise (early in the 5 o’clock hour … sigh) so I got up to watch the earth come to life. Freakin’ amazing sauce.IMG_20150613_055352We took the boys on a hike to a nearby summit. I’d camp in this area again. Well worth it!


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