We’re Back

April and May are definitely our most busy months of the year. During that time, Lauren is still playing soccer and both Leah and Abby start their softball season. Leah asked me to coach her 10-under softball team (why, I don’t know … it’s not like she takes coaching from me …), so I’ve been neck deep in that while trying to watch and teach Abby some of the nuances of the sport. Plus, the kids are all in school with about a million things going on during this last month, such as assemblies, field days, French spelling bees, etc. Then I get to wrangle 6 Boy Scouts in weekly activities and monthly camp outs. We’re glad summer is nearly here so we can relax a bit.

This has been such an odd year. We had a balmy winter with very little (!) snow in the valley and many warm days. Then we have had a soaking month. In fact, a weather spotter in Ogden reported 6.5 inches of rain in the last 4 weeks. On a bell curve of normal, that would totally be on the right tail. I haven’t artificially watered my lawn yet this year and actually have to find dry days in between wet ones to mow and landscape. I’m not complaining about this at all — I love this weather pattern.

Now, on to the pictures and their context.

Reflections Newsletter Map

While I was temporarily working for the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF in South Jordan, I got a call from the Pleasant Grove Ranger District asking for an update and replication of a recreation map. This was the last task I did before returning to my normal job, so it was a treat to head back to the Forest office a few weeks ago to see the newsletter with my map inside. I’m no cartographer (the one who makes maps look decent), so this thing isn’t going to win any awards, but it will certainly serve its purpose for the visitors of American Fork Canyon.

Family at Temple

Lauren, my 8 year old daughter, has now been to 5 LDS temple open houses prior to their dedication: Draper, Payson, Brigham City, Ogden, and Oquirrh Mountain. She’ll hit her 6th this summer when Provo City Center is complete. Needless to say, there’s been a bumper crop of temples along the Wasatch Front, which is an indicator of need.

Conference Center Rooftop

We got our first official tour of the LDS Conference Center last Sunday. The youth in our ward participated in the Oquirrh Mountain Cultural Celebration back in 2008 so I’ve been all through the building, back stage, upstairs, downstairs, etc. However, I’d never had an official tour, and my kids had never been inside. The pic of them in front of that of the water is actually on the roof. What you can’t see well is the urban garden off to the right. Lots of trees, wildflowers, shrubs, and other plants that cut down on the amount of impervious surface a building of this size creates.

Welcome back, Hunter Pence

Finally, due to the World Series victory for our Giants last Fall, our kids have been totally into baseball. Jen made that shirt Austin’s wearing for our Spring Training trip to Phoenix. Unfortunately, Hunter Pence was injured and didn’t play while we were down there. Right after our trip, we purchased the MLB.TV premium app and have been able to watch all “out of market” games the Giants play, which is every game except for those against the Rockies and Diamondbacks. We load the live HD game on our phones and then use the Chromecast dongle to broadcast the game to our TV. Needless to say, it’s been fun to watch as many games as we have. My girls sit in Sacrament Meeting in church and make lists of all the players and their positions. Perhaps not the best use of sacred time, but not as bad as every other kid playing shoot-em-up games on their iPads.


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  1. I kept forgetting to Sent you a note to tell Leah I will mail her package. and happy bifthdsy. Told mar if to tell hrr..

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