Scouting Missionaries

Today was a day of missionaries. We heard 4 speakers in two different wards speak about their recently-lived and upcoming experiences. In our ward, a retired couple is heading to Germany in a few weeks for the next 18-24 months to help oversee the remodeling of the Germany Freiberg LDS Temple. The guy spent his career in construction and event management, grew up a native German in East Germany, and escaped to freedom with his mother and siblings during WWII. His wife will be the project historian. They are an electric couple and absolutely on fire. It was inspiring listening to them speak today.

We then went to our previous ward in West Jordan where we heard one young woman speak about her mission call to Jacksonville, FL. This was a young woman who lived a few houses away from us and one we used to babysit our kids a few times. She leaves in a few weeks. The other speaker was a young man who just returned from a 2-year mission in Paris, France. This young man was one of the Boy Scouts I led for a brief time and he also lived just a few houses away from us. I hired him to mow our lawn for a few summers and got to know his family well. His father is not an active member of the LDS faith, and his mother struggles to keep it all together. It was very nice hearing him report on his two honorable years served in France.

In other news, we had another Scout campout this weekend. The days right now are gorgeous (mid-upper 60’s), but, being in the desert environment we are, the nights still get cold. It dropped well below freezing Friday night — enough to freeze my water bottle. My sleeping bag, while once up to the challenge of keeping me warm, should now be put to pasture. I shivered all night.

As I reflect on my time served in the Young Men’s organization of the LDS church, I am grateful for the opportunity to have an impact on their lives. My goal while serving in these capacities is to simply help them become good men. Some earn their Eagle Scout awards, some go on missions, some marry in an LDS temple, while some choose their own path. Everyone has their agency and can choose to do whatever they want to in life. I hope I can offer them a perspective shaped by my own experiences, good and bad. I hope that makes them strive to be good citizens who respect others and work hard to live according to their ethics and values, whatever that turns out to be. My latest opportunity to do good is reflected in the picture below. These are great young men who are entering a critical decade of decisions. I’m glad to help usher them through part of this decade.

Pausing for a picture on a hike

Pausing for a picture on a hike – three of my five Scouts


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