Cooking in the Ballroom

Abby’s been in ballroom dance this school year. They meet twice a week before school and learn all the basic dances (swing, tango, cha cha, etc.). Her school recently competed in a 4-school dance competition. This was the first competition or performance for many of these kids, so it was mostly just a fun and lively event.

I tell her I did the same thing, but it was in college and the music had a twang to it. I actually really enjoyed country dance — it was a great PE credit. Like Abby, I also participated in a competition. My folks didn’t get video of it, though. So, Abby is officially one up on me.

In other news, I’ve been trying my hand at cooking a bit more. Jen manages the thankless task of feeding us all week long. I often help prepare the meal, but she plans it out and actually implements the plan. So, the burden usually falls to her. I told her a year ago that I’d take care of Sunday dinners, which she happily conceded to me. Unfortunately, I then forgot that commitment for about 4 months. Lately, I’ve been pretty good about remembering and actually preparing. She got me the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School book for Christmas a year ago and I really enjoy reading through the how and why of a recipe. Lately, I’ve made lasagna, breaded Parmesan chicken, and … scones! Not fry bread, but actual scones. I’d never had them since they aren’t really a cultural food us western Mormons eat. In fact, we make fry bread and call them scones.

The cookbook had a nice recipe and I followed it to the T and they turned out perfect. The scientific / engineering tendencies I have urge me to follow a recipe — after all, someone already figured out all the bugs; why would I deviate from the plan? I actually use measuring cups and spoons and the idea of a “pinch of salt” bothers me at some subconscious level. Here’s how they looked.

Blueberry and raspberry scones

Blueberry and raspberry scones

We found a good opportunity to try our shadow poses while on a walk with the dog. The girls are always game for a pose.

Leah with her posed attitude

Leah with her posed attitude

Lauren and Me

One thought on “Cooking in the Ballroom

  1. This brings back memories of when we had this same problem in OK. It was a pricey but necessary fix. I hope your grass grows back quickly and I’m sorry you had to deal with it!

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