Birthdays on the Freeway

Now that I’m working in South Jordan for three months, I have to travel down I-15 if I choose to drive my own vehicle to work. With a high volume of vehicles and a high rate of speed often comes theatrics. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen:

  • A car blow a tire and manage to not swerve into any cars while pulling over onto the shoulder.
  • A car in the left shoulder facing the wrong direction — it had spun probably a minute prior.
  • A tow truck hauling a pickup truck backward (trucks have rear-wheel-drive so the free wheels are the front) and, due to the speed of freeway travel, the bed liner of the pickup and all the contents literally lifted off the bed and floated in the air before slamming onto the roadway directly in front of the trailing traffic.
  • Large wood chunks (debris) in the middle of the lane.
  • Half a dozen near misses of trailing vehicles nearly rear-ending the vehicle they were trailing.

I’ve driven to work for 12+ years now on various roads and don’t remember this many traffic issues in so short a time. Perhaps the roads are getting more dangerous, or perhaps I’m just more aware. Regardless, I am grateful I haven’t been involved in any of these observed incidents.

On to better news: Austin turned 4 on Saturday. This kid is such a joy to have around and everyone seems to love him. He flirts with the teenage girls, plays with the teenage boys, gives his momma just enough snuggle time to melt her heart, and offers his help when I’m doing a project. He’s often found approaching someone and asking, “Do you want to play with me?” He had a great birthday and was so genuinely happy, grateful, and delighted with everything that happened on his big day.

The new 4 year old wearing his new kicks and shirt and holding his new (left-handed) baseball mitt.

The new 4 year old wearing his new kicks and shirt and holding his new (left-handed) baseball mitt.

Cupcakes adorned with army men

Cupcakes adorned with army men

We sang to him (like 5 times during the day) but he had some fun with the candle before telling us what he wished for. See the video.

Jen also got him a Nebraska Huskers hat — he’s apparently had a fascination with them for a while now. While I served my LDS mission in Nebraska, we don’t openly cheer for the Huskers or have any other memorabilia hanging around the house. But he was delighted to get his hat. See the video.


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