Life isn’t slowing down

First of all, I have to say “I called it.” Jen and I went to Lagoon without any kids for the first time all year. While we were at Lagoon, both of us were glued to the MLB gamecast of the Giants – Nationals game 2 of the NLDS. We watched the gamecast as we waited in line between rides. Just before we got on the White Roller Coaster at Lagoon, the game was in the top of the 18th inning. We climbed into the roller coaster, I put my phone in my pocket, and said to Jen, “Brandon Belt is going to hit a home run while we’re on this ride.”

We had a fun ride and as soon as we got off, Jen pulled her phone out to read a text message she got from her sister, Katie, that said, “BELT HOMERED!” I couldn’t believe it. I yelped like a little girl I was so excited. The Giants squeaked through the bottom of the 18th and the game was over. It was totally my fault the Giants won that game. I willed Brandon Belt into that home run.

I love this time of year. We’ve had such a great August, September, and now October. We’ve had plenty of rain, some warm weather, and only a few dips into the 40s at night to remind us that winter is coming. Our tomatoes have done crazy good this year and we’ve bottled around 2 dozen jars of tomatoes. We went to Snowbasin Ski Resort yesterday and went on a hike in the trees … the Aspens have already peaked, the Maples are done, and the Oaks just seem to turn brown and drop, so I’m not sure we’re going to really partake of any foliage beauty.

On the Wheeler Peak trail at Snowbasin Ski Resort

On the Wheeler Peak trail at Snowbasin Ski Resort

Today is also my brother, Ammon, celebrates his birthday. He was born 19 years ago and we’ve enjoyed having him as part of our family for as long as we have.

I replace the brakes on my Honda this week. I’ve known for a while they were on their last legs, but I’ve allowed other things to get in the way of logic. I got a quote from Les Schwab for a replacement job ($359) but wasn’t keen on dishing that out. That price included a caliper rebuild, and I didn’t think I needed that. I went to O’Reilly Auto Parts on Thursday night, spent $100 on rotors and pads, and spent an hour and fifteen minutes doing the job myself.

Old on left, new on right.

Old on left, new on right.

Finally, I was asked to relinquish my duties as a Sunday School teacher and take on the duties of Scoutmaster for our local troop. Here’s to round 2 for me!

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