Glen Canyon — 200 feet above the bottom

For you geographically inclined, the title should indicate to you that we visited Lake Powell! Jen and I haven’t been there for over 10 years, which was a crazy thought for my wife since she frequented the lake as a kid and teenager. I’ve now been three times, all under the influence of Jen. Typically, I’d have no interest because I don’t water ski or wakeboard, nor do I like 100+ heat with no shade.

We strategically chose the week after Labor Day to avoid some crowds, get cooler weather, yet still have great water. We succeeded on all accounts. We were only on the water two days (Friday and Saturday) but bookended our trip by spending the night at the Ranch in Bicknell to split up the driving and to relax a bit.

We used the Bullfrog as our launching point both days but largely played in Halls Crossing Bay. We had such a great time swimming, jumping off 15-foot cliffs into 190-foot deep water, riding tubes, boogie boards, and skiing. Jen and her dad both slalom ski (I drive the boat in those cases), and my girls were fairly successful getting up on skis for the first time. I am lucky to have in-laws who 1) own a ski boat and 2) are very generous in allowing us to use it as long as it’s not already being used.

By the way, we made the drive from the Bullfrog Marina to Bicknell on Saturday night. We left the lake just before sundown and were treated by one of the more gorgeous drives I’ve ever taken. The 50 miles from Bullfrog to Hanksville was stunning with the setting sun, mixed clouds, dramatic mountains, and red rock.



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