Here Comes School

Well, school is finally upon us. I think we milked summer as much as we could and will officially kick the three girls out of the house tomorrow morning a little after 8am. Abby starts 6th grade, Leah 4th, and Lauren 2nd. Austin still has a few years at home, which makes Jen very happy but Austin is a bit bummed that the girls are leaving him every day. Despite summer officially ending with the beginning of school, we are going to take the girls out of school for a few days in a few weeks to go to Lake Powell. Jen loves to boat and she went once all summer (despite the offer of “any time!” from her dad),  much to her chagrin. We just had too many other fun things going on!

We went to the Ogden LDS Temple open house last week. We’ve now taken our girls through the Oquirrh Mountain, Draper, Brigham City, and Ogden LDS temples via an open house. The kids can’t officially enter the temples until they are 12, so this is a fun opportunity for them to see the inside before they are of age.

Outside the Ogden LDS Temple before the tour. This temple was built in the 50's but recently renovated.

Outside the Ogden LDS Temple before the tour. This temple was built in the 50’s but recently renovated.

All three of our girls are playing a sport this fall. Abby and Lauren are both playing soccer (Lauren’s first time) and Leah is playing comp-league softball. I’m selfishly a bit nervous about the time (and money) commitment to comp softball. After two practices, Leah is still happy. That’s a good sign. She hadn’t even picked up a softball since her rec-league team won the championship in the spring so I got her and Abby up early one day last week before work, dragged them to the softball field, and made them practice a bit. it’s a good thing we all enjoy the sport. I ain’t no tiger dad, so I’m mostly in observation mode right now to see how Leah reacts to the pressures, time, and energy of a competitive league.

Early morning practice

Early morning practice

Over the last year I’ve been participating in a Office of Personnel Management-hosted leadership training. It’s been a once-a-month training for a year and we’ve covered a myriad of topics, from personality types, to conflict resolution, to emotional intelligence, to diversity and inclusion, to communication, to … well, you get the point. It’s been a fun class and I’ve learned a lot and spent the last year around a bunch of great leaders throughout the state of Utah. We “graduated” last week with a ceremony at the State Capitol with a luncheon, keynote speaker, and a reception following. The keynote speaker was Shannon Bahrke-Happe, a three-time US Winter Olympian (2002, 2006, and 2010). She spoke about lessons learned from Olympic training and performance and how it relates to leadership and business. It was a fun listen. I even got to hold the silver medal she earned at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

An official silver medal from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

An official silver medal from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

One thought on “Here Comes School

  1. Congrats on graduating from your leadership experience.
    Now lead those RSAC’ers through a merger, office relo, and shrinking budgets.

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