It’s Nearly Over

Summer officially ends in a week when my kids go back to school (August 25). We’ve had a fun and busy summer and it felt like we haven’t been able to sit still for longer than a day or two. We didn’t go on any official “vacation” as an entire family this summer, but we tried.

Jen and the kids have taken advantage of season Lagoon passes. They’ve been a fun opportunity to go have great experiences with the kids. It’s a riot sitting next to Austin on a roller coaster and having him hold his hands in the air for the entire ride. We’ve been to Lagoon 12-15 times this summer (I’ve only been about 5 times … dang job).

We went to Mackay, ID, for the 4th of July holiday. Then the very next week I began a series of three business trips in 5 weeks. I spent three days in the field gathering data for a project I’m doing. Two weeks later I spent the week in McCall, ID, on the Payette NF. Two weeks later, I flew to Portland and then drove the 110 miles south to Eugene for a meeting. While these were all great trips, the rapid timing of all makes things tough on me and the family back at home. I have no trips planned as of now.

Abby celebrated her 11th birthday this week by getting sick. She actually threw up the morning of her birthday (like, 1am) but still felt well enough to open presents. One of the presents? Wicked tickets. See Abby’s reaction to getting the tickets below.

We went to the BYU football scrimmage a week ago and then enjoyed a lunch with the team under the auspices of the “Thursday’s Heroes” program. After lunch we went around and took some pics with some players, including starting QB Taysom Hill from Pocatello, ID. Austin fell asleep (oddly) so we had Taysom sign his hat. When Austin woke up, he was a bit concerned that some “boy” wrote on his hat.

The family with Taysom Hill, QB.

The family with Taysom Hill, QB.

Finally, I’ve started a bit of construction in the basement. We have a large under-porch storage room that should be an ideal cold storage room. However, the entire room ceiling and about 2 feet of the outside wall is exposed to the sun, making it pretty susceptible to environmental influences. We decided to take the ten feet at the end of the room (the end that gets more shade and is a bit more temperature stable) and partition it off from the rest of the room. I used rigid foam insulation and stuck it to the walls and ceilings with liquid nails. Last night I framed in the wall that will hold insulation and a door. Once all that’s done, we’ll be able to free up some space in our main-level pantry because we eventually want to make that a mud room. Ah, it’s never done, is it? Always doing something to the house. Oh yeah, I still have a gutted bathroom on the second floor. Lame.

Wall is framed in!

Wall is framed in!


6 thoughts on “It’s Nearly Over

  1. Wow, what a great surprise. Wicked is such a great play. I went years ago in Chicago when Jason took me for an anniversary gift. I loved it. I’m sure you will love it too.

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