Living it up in Mackay

We made the 4-hour drive to Mackay, ID this week. It was a short trip, but it was packed with fun, entertainment, and excitement. It’s also been three years since we were there, so the kids were anxious to get back in the saddle — literally. My cousin Seth Teichert runs a large ranch (~450 cows) outside Mackay and he and his wife are excellent hosts. They’ve also got 4 kids and match up well with our kids. Below are some pictures telling the story.

Western SunsetWe were treated to a great sunset. Seth has a canal running through his backyard, which offered some nice contrast in this picture.

Lost River RangeThis is the back of their new (<3 years) home. Their front porch looks directly at the Lost River Range, home to the tallest mountains in Idaho.

Buckin' WoodThe kids made a fire pit so we could make smores. Part of the job was to haul these large logs over for seats. Lauren, summoning strength that doesn’t seem to exist when she’s home, carried over many by herself.

Back of the Pick-upWe went on a drive up the mountain to visit their awesome “Swinging Tree” and most of us rode in the back of the pick-up. Lots of kids!

Euphoric Sarah Horseback Natural CecilyLike any visit to a ranch, we got a chance to ride horses. The kids loved it.

Put on your boots!Before riding horses, though, they all had to put on boots. The amazing thing is that of the 10 pairs of boots you see in this picture, only one didn’t come from Seth and Natalie.

Winner I got it!Mackay has a bare-handed fishing contest on the 4th of July. They build a temporary pool, fill it with hydrant water, and then dump a bunch of trout in the pool from the local fish hatchery. Then they group kids by age and have them hop in and catch a fish with their hands. My niece Sarah actually won her age division and was awarded with a gift certificate to a local restaurant, which she promptly re-gifted to Seth and Natalie.

Gabe caught a fish and was somewhat surprised he actually got one!

Stephen and JulieFinally, when we visit Seth and Natalie, we see his parents, too. Stephen Teichert (far right) is my mom’s brother. He married way above him (Julie, far left) and it was fun to see them again. They live a few miles south of Mackay while Seth lives 10 miles north of Mackay. It’s nice to see both families. My sister Lindsey is in this picture as well and we’re all sitting in front of a large original Minerva Teichert painting, Come’n Get It. Minerva is my mother’s grandmother. None of her artistic genes made it to me.


2 thoughts on “Living it up in Mackay

  1. I love my brother, Stephen and his wife, Julie! This makes me miss them even more. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the photos. They are all nice ones.

  2. This was such a fun weekend, it could have only been made better if Jen and Austin had made it up! Already my kids are asking when we are going to see you again. I found another pair of someones underwear, if she wants it back another visit must be made 🙂

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