It’s Summer

I can’t say the word “summertime” without thinking of that dang singing snowman from Disney’s Frozen. I used to automatically think of Janis Joplin, but she’s been replaced. Dang movies.

Summertime has begun in earnest here. We’ve nearly had a month of no school, warming days, long days, and lots of activities. One of the most exciting things was that both Abby and Leah played softball this year (first time ever for both of them) and they did very well. Both girls ended up playing 2nd base for their team. Leah had some great coaches and Abby, well, she had me and Tom Elegante, a friend from our West Jordan neighborhood who lives in Kaysville. The coolest part? Both girls’ teams won their league tournament!! They are both legit champions, not this fake “everybody wins” stuff of modern children. It was fun to watch and participate in as a parent, but I’m glad the 7 weeks of 4-nights-a-week at the park are over.

The champions holding Abby's trophy

The champions holding Abby’s trophy

Leah is the third girl from the right

Leah is the third girl from the right

Abby is on the far left, ignoring the camera

Abby is on the far left, ignoring the camera

We’ve held three outdoor movies in our backyard now. They’ve been a hit with our kids and a number of the neighbor kids.

SAMSUNGI got Jen this picture for Christmas. It’s the same picture that adorns the top of this blog and is a stitch of 10 or 11 photos I took of her grandpa’s ranch. Full-resolution of this photo would allow a 70″x16″ print, but I took it easy and only printed a 50″x16″ version of the photo. It took me 6 months to get off my butt, make a custom frame, and hang it, but hey, this has been a good week. It’s now on the wall. Apologies for the poor quality photos in this post, but all were taken with a cell phone in poor lighting. I didn’t expect much and was rewarded accordingly.



3 thoughts on “It’s Summer

  1. So totally random but my friend Lindsy and her sister Karly were talking and Karly and her family had just gotten back from Bicknell. I said that I was familiar with Bicknell (and they were suprised since it’s so small) and come to find out, Karly’s in law’s know Mont. I am sure he knows them too- when I said Mont Ellett she knew exactly who I was talking about and had spent some time at the Ranch as well. Small world. Happy summer!

    • Mont … international man of, well, not mystery since everyone knows him.

      On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 9:28 AM, Jess – n – Jen wrote:


  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer and I know you have more fun activities planned. l love your picture! Frame looks fantastic.

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