Batter Up!

It feels like our lives have been taken over for the next 6 weeks by softball. We signed both Leah (8) and Abby (10) up in a league this year. They play two games each week and it just lined up that Leah plays Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Abby plays Wednesdays and Fridays. Their games have start times anywhere between 5:30 and 8pm, so each week is a new adventure.

Leah sporting her softball uniform

Leah sporting her softball uniform

However, I’m actually finding this quite fun. I’m an assistant coach on Abby’s team with Tom Elegante, an old friend from West Jordan. Leah has excellent coaches, so I’ve been watching how they run practice and the drills they administer to get some tips and tricks. The girls played their first games last week and each was treated to an awesome spring shower soaking on different nights.

Abby is a pretty good thrower, but hasn’t caught on to batting yet. Leah is a pretty good batter, but throws like, well, a girl. Regardless, the girls are having a great time and enjoy standing in the dugout while their teammates are batting and joining in some complex team chants. Oh, the dynamics of girls’ sports is a new experience for me. Boys just say, “Ehh, baddah baddah, swing!” The girls seriously have some militaristic-like chant – echo thing going on. I stand as the 3rd-base coach and just smile.

When we’re not at softball or trying to get caught up on some yard things, we try to hit up Lagoon. We got season passes this year and all the kids have had a great time. The first time we went, Lauren cried during and after every ride she went on, but made it clear she loved it and wanted to do them all again. This will be a fun summer to see the kids get over some of their fears. I hadn’t been to Lagoon since I was in high school, so I had to re-acclimate myself to the sensation of leaving your stomach on top while your body raced to the bottom.

Leah braved the Rocket Re-Entry ride and did great!

Leah braved the Rocket Re-Entry ride and did great!


One thought on “Batter Up!

  1. I love those socks of Leah’s! Lots more fun than the guys’ uniforms. Oh, the hours of baseball we’ve watched. And we thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. It’s a great way to spend an evening with family.

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