New Flooring

These days it seems like we’re doing home improvement at our house … or at my parent’s house. We’ve finished our basement bathroom remodel (pictures to come someday), started the upstairs bathroom remodel, and decided to put in a shed and raised garden beds. None of those activities is a minor undertaking.

In the meantime, my parents decided to remodel about a quarter of their house — literally. They’re doing a completely new kitchen and removing a wall between it and the family room to make one large, open room. I’ve been providing some labor assistance during this process (some demolition, runs to the dump, hanging sheetrock, and flooring so far). This last Saturday we laid about half the flooring they’re putting in, and we had a great crew helping. I’m the only able-bodied Clark boy left in the state, but we’re lucky to have able-bodied Pugh, Mohlmann, and Lanham boys who married Clark girls to step in for the Clark boys who left the state!



4 thoughts on “New Flooring

    • Marcie, the shed will go in that large, open area immediately next to the garden boxes.

      On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 10:35 AM, Jess – n – Jen wrote:


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