Abby, the Person

Abby’s school recently put on an hour-long presentation for parents entitled “We, The People.” It was a quick and often humorous look at American history full of lots of music, acting, and speaking parts. The gym at the school was packed — standing room only. Just before it started, I had a brief “Wow, imagine the chaos that would ensue if a disaster hit this room (e.g., fire, earthquake, etc.). All I could think of was George Costanza and the old person / fire episode. I saw that vision flash before my eyes. Luckily, the only disaster I experienced was the escalating temperatures in the gym. Too many adult bodies in one space.

Abby did a great job in her speaking part. She had the honor of introducing the branches of the military preceding the usual medley of songs that accompany each branch. She was articulate, loud enough, and, of course, gorgeous up there! I brought my long lens to snap a few pictures of her on the stage. It’s always difficult to take these kinds of pictures for multiple reasons: idiot parents in front of me using a giant iPad as their camera, flash photography that doesn’t actually do anything from that distance, and poor lighting. I had to ramp my ISO up to 1250 to get some shots that were relatively sharp. My camera doesn’t do a great job with really high ISO, so I don’t like to go up much higher than that.

This is a collage of pictures from Abby's assembly / presentation.

This is a collage of pictures from Abby’s assembly / presentation.


3 thoughts on “Abby, the Person

  1. That’s a cool collage! She is beautiful and smart. I didn’t even notice on Saturday that she was without her arm sling!

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