Random Dump

I am heading to Belem, Brazil, next weekend. Belem is up north near where the Amazon River dumps out into the Atlantic Ocean.  I will be helping put on a lidar workshop for experts in the remote sensing and forestry industries in Brazil. Shots, Visa, travel authorizations, official passport, job codes, etc. All a bunch of fun. I got the Yellow Fever immunization on Tuesday and by Wednesday night I could tell my body was trying very hard to fight off some intruder in the body. I had a fever, chills, muscle aches, and a giant headache. Luckily, some Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and a night’s rest did the trick. I woke up on Thursday feeling totally fine and went in to work.

Jen’s 34th birthday is today. We spent the night Friday in Park City. I snagged an off-season hotel deal at the Silver King Hotel and we got a great room. The resort is immediately adjacent to Park City Mountain Resort and not too far from lots of food and fun. We had a pretty relaxing trip up there and were grateful for my sister Kaitlin and her husband Chad who came up here and spent the night to watch our kids.

Today we got home from church to find Jen’s parents, uncle, and brother (Ryan) at our house with lunch prepared. It was possibly the best way to come home from church.

I signed up to run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. That’s a bit of a gamble along the Wasatch Front because it could be miserably cold, it could be snowing, it could be kinda chilly, or it could be perfect. I’m usually on a football field on Thanksgiving morning playing a game of flag football, but I have a goal of running in 3 timed 5K races this year and I’m still short one. I ran a 5K yesterday, and I timed it, but it was on my own. There’s a loop above my house that is about 3 miles and climbs quite a bit. I ran it in 36 minutes — the first 8 minutes were walking/hiking up to elevation and then I ran the rest of the way.

I made a video compilation from our hike in Coyote Gulch last week. It was a fun way to relive the hike. If view it, do it full screen and 1080p resolution. I couldn’t upload it to Vimeo (and therefore embed it in this blog) because I can’t upload files bigger than 500mb to Vimeo. Dang free subscriptions.


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