Loving the Ranch

Our visit to the Ranch last week was special because Jen’s brother Kevin and his family also came! I think our kids were in Heaven because they not only had all the benefits of the Ranch (4 wheelers, red dirt, Mont and Elaine, pool table, satellite TV, lizards, etc.), but now they had their cousins to share in the fun.

Like usual, we asked Mont what project we could help with while we were there mooching off he and Elaine. He asked us to build him a fire pit to enable outdoor weenie roasts. Kevin started the fire pit (first two courses) last time he was here in the spring and we all finished the job this time. The girls decided the allure of playing in the “mud” was too strong to stay away, so they quickly started to “help.” We used volcanic rock we found all over the property — rocks are one thing Mont has no shortage of.

We did our usual bouldering / hiking, 4-wheeling, clay pigeon shooting, church, eating, and watching sports on TV. The Ranch is a great place to visit with great hosts. I did come home sporting a gash in my leg that required 9 stitches to close up, but it’s healing nicely.


2 thoughts on “Loving the Ranch

    • Funny you mention the chew … that was actually my camera lens but Jen noticed and thought the same thing. She must have taken twenty pictures of my butt just to get a good shot of my can of chew in my back pocket. I would be happy to send you the rest of the pictures if you want. Ha ha.

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