4th Grade Field Trip

A few weeks ago I took a day off work to attend a day-long field trip with Abby’s 4th grade class at school. The objective of the field trip was to see some of the historical sites in downtown SLC. The field trip started with a train ride from Farmington to the SL Central Station, then a Trax ride to Temple Square. I was assigned three kids (my own plus two of her friends) and we had some flexibility in our activities. We had an hour to complete a scavenger hunt on Temple Square and we finished early so we got an official tour of the Beehive House. Then we walked to Brigham Young and Heber Kimball’s grave sites.

After lunch, we walked to the State Capitol. This was my first time at the Capitol and I really enjoyed the building. The girls weren’t really interested in “reverence” at the Capitol, so with my urging, they agreed to do some jumping pictures from the gorgeous Capitol stairs. After the activities in the Capitol, we went outside and spent 20 minutes sliding down the banisters on the exterior stairs. It was a lot of fun.

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