Hanging with the President

I am on travel in Washington, D.C., this week. This is my third trip to the Nation’s Capitol, and third time on business. This is the first time, however, that my meetings are based in the downtown portion of DC. Previously, my meetings were near Univ. of Maryland in College Park and in Fairfax, VA. We are meeting in the US Forest Service International Programs office on Thomas Circle (map) north of the Mall. I haven’t ventured out this way much before so this is a nice change. Wikipedia has a cool picture of Thomas Circle from 1922.

I elected to stay in an historic bed and breakfast for my lodging. It is a very old rowhouse that has been restored, ala what they did on This Old House a few years ago. It’s a cool place with a lot of character and in a fun neighborhood.

My meetings were great, but work in DC is different than home, for sure. I wore a full suit for  the first time ever to work. Most folks picture people who work for the Forest Service wearing shorts and Teva’s to work. Not here in DC.


Yeah, that’s me in the tan shirt on the left. Totally paying attention. Ten people in attendance at the meeting and 3 or 4 attending virtually via a telecon and WebEx.

My meetings are over; now I am going to spend the next 2+ days with my brother Dave and his wife Tana and two adorable daughters. I am really excited to see their digs and life in their neck of the woods.


2 thoughts on “Hanging with the President

  1. Thanks for the picture of you…even if it’s just the back of your head! We miss you! Jeni, Babs, Bean, Bunny an Boy

  2. That’s neat that you can be out there and see David and family as well. Impressive, actually, back of head or not..

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