Dr. Clark

I had the fun opportunity to go back to BYU’s campus today to be a guest lecturer in a GIS class. This is actually the fourth time I’ve done this in the last 3 years and I’ve found the experience to be entertaining and exciting. I feel like I was in college just a few years ago — but it’s been longer than a few years. I finished my undergrad in December, 2002, and my Master’s in April, 2007.

For old time’s sake, I stopped by the Twilight Zone and bought a bagel and a drink. I looked for my old stand-by (potato bagel) but couldn’t find one. Instead, I got an asiago cheese bagel, my second choice. I’ve probably consumed a hundred bagels from that store in my time as a college student. When I went to check out, the cashier asked, “Do you have your ID with you?” I smiled and said, “No, not anymore!” He responded, “Oh, did you graduate?” I smiled again and said, “Yes,” to which his response was, “Awesome, congratulations!” Yeah, I’ve been done there for over 6 years — as an old graduate student. I must look young … or the cashier thought it some great accomplishment that someone as dumb looking as me could actually graduate.

Anyway, I gave my 50 minute presentation in Geography 212 (intro to GIS) and went to lunch with the professor, who is really in adjunct status and was a grad school classmate of mine. The whole experience made me think back to many fond memories of time on that campus. I really enjoyed my college years and had a lot of fun.


While this was captured today from my cell phone, at times I felt like I was a long-lost visitor making my way back to a campus I used to know.



3 thoughts on “Dr. Clark

  1. Sounds fun. Glad you had a good time. Yes you look young I think, but wait, maybe that’s because you are younger than me and I look really young. Ha ha. Teaching is so great. I’m sure they all enjoyed your class.

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