We found perfection

Do you remember the movie with Sandra Bullock called Miss Congeniality? There is a scene in the movie where the beauty contest judges asked a particularly blonde contestant to describe their “perfect date.” The surprising answer was, “April 15th. It’s not too cold, not too hot.”

Well, folks, if one of those judges asked me to describe my perfect date, I could very easily have said, “Wednesday, March 13, 2013.” I think we found perfection on Wednesday. There was sunshine, clouds, slight breeze at times, and perfect stillness at others. The temperature hit 71 or 72 degrees. It was light outside until nearly 8pm. It seriously was the epitome of a perfect (climatically speaking…) day. Even Jen commented that at one time, she stood outside and said, “I don’t feel any feeling of cold.” That was the first day since last October we could actually say that. Wohoo!

Having said all that, I’m not ready to start mowing the lawn and dealing with sprinklers.

But, on a different note, here are two pictures of my kids I took this week in our house.


3 thoughts on “We found perfection

  1. Cute pictures! We need your weather. It’s been nothing but cold here and we are tired of it. So hopefully soon we will also get warmness.

  2. The color on these pictures is gorgeous. it helps that your kids are gorgeous, too.
    I feel the same anticipation and appreciation of warmer weather. It has been a very long winter.

  3. Cute kids. And I love that line from Miss Congeniality, but the date she says is actually April 25th, which happens to be my birthday making it all the more perfect. 😉

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