My baby (girl) is six!

Lauren is our female caboose. Lucky for her and us, she celebrated her 6th birthday last week. One of the things we do for the kids is let them choose the menu for all the meals on their birthday. Lauren debated a number of ideas, but then she came up with a great idea. Reflecting on our World Series concession stand idea, she decided that a restaurant at home was appropriate. I had flashbacks to the many conversations we had as kids growing up: “Mom, can we go to a restaurant for dinner?” To which my mother would reply, “Yes, we’re going to McClarkies for dinner.” At first, we got excited before we quickly realized McClarkies had nothing to do with McDonalds and everything to do with made-from-scratch food that we certainly didn’t always appreciate as kids.

Instead of “McClarkies,” though, Lauren decided her restaurant would be named “Lolo’s Family Restaurant.” (Lolo is how Austin pronounces Lauren’s name.) On the day of her birthday dinner, everyone but Lauren and Jen went downstairs during preparation time. When it was appropriate, we called the other kids up where they were greeted by hostess Lauren Lolo welcoming them to the restaurant. She seated all the guests and immediately asked if they wanted drinks. And so it went on during the entire dinner. Chef Jen was in the kitchen plating the food; Lolo was taking orders, refilling drinks, and keeping us entertained with her custom-made restaurant menus. I sat in my chair manning the camera, trying to snap sharp pictures in low light — some didn’t turn out so well.

I was very impressed by Lauren’s desire to serve everyone else on her birthday. Needless to say, her sisters were amazed at the creativity and level of service they received on someone else’s birthday.


6 thoughts on “My baby (girl) is six!

  1. What a sweet thing to do! Looks like she had as much fun as I’m sure the other kids did. Happy bday cute thing!

  2. I remember holding baby Lauren in the hospital and thinking, “Oh my gosh, I could actually have one of these!” since it was soon after Lance and I were married. What a sweet and creative girl, I used to love to play restaurant as a kid too.

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