No real point

Another week … another foot of snow. It’s come to the point that a storm that dumps 3 inches of snow feels like we’re getting a break. We’re managing just fine, though. No backs thrown out yet. I wonder if Jen really will let me get a snow blower this spring on the clearance sales. She’s threatened to let me get one.

These two pictures are random. The first is a small creek up near Snowbasin Ski Resort. I took this while on a hike a few months ago. I am anxious to get back up there after the snow melts. The second picture is my four kids in the back yard. They are photogenic kids.


One thought on “No real point

  1. I love both pictures. I can’t wait until the weather is warm enough to get outside and see green and water and flowers, etc. Your kids are photogenic. And you’re a pretty darn good photographer.

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