How to enjoy the cold

We’re living through a gross inversion here along the Wasatch Front again. We decided to get away from it a bit today so we drove up to Snowbasin Ski Resort to take a look and then stopped at a trail to go on a hike. The 21.4 mile drive quickly got us out of the polution and warmed us up a bit. It was around 20 degrees at home and nearly 30 up at the trailhead just about a mile from the ski resort. Needless to say, we felt like we were in a sauna when we got out of the van. Fun place for a hike and we look forward to visiting it again in the spring/summer/fall so the boy can walk. He doesn’t do very well in the deep snow.

3 thoughts on “How to enjoy the cold

  1. I loved every single picture! Colors are beautiful (loved the black and white as well). I thought those long skinny legs in the black and white picture were Jen’s but I think they were Abby’s. Your girls are growing up.

    • Yeah, Abby does look pretty tall in that picture, but it really is her. Jen’s skinny, but she’s not as skinny as Abby!

  2. Your girls are so beautiful! These pictures are great. At first I thought Abby was Jen too, and was actually considering trying your family’s sugar-less healthy diet. Luckily, I figured out it was Abby and can still feel good about eating cookies for breakfast 🙂

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