Recap of Quiet Christmas

This was another Christmas to remember. On Thursday, December 20, Lauren got sick and threw up. On Saturday, Austin got sick and threw up (in the van on the drive to see a large portion of my visiting-from-out-of-town family). On Sunday, Leah got sick and threw up three or four times. On Monday morning (Christmas Eve), I got sick and threw up multiple times. On Tuesday morning, Abby got sick and threw up. Jen also got sick but never threw up — just walked around pretty lethargic and weak.

So, to recap — we all got sick over a six day period.

We had plans to host Jen’s folks and some co-workers over for Christmas Eve dinner. That got cancelled. Jen’s folks were going to spend the night and Christmas morning with us. That got cancelled (although, Jen’s folks did come down on Christmas Eve to deliver some presents and much needed cheer — in return, we delivered the flu bug to them and they got sick a few days later). We were supposed to visit my folks on Christmas Day for the annual homemade pizza party and hang out with the aforementioned “visiting-from-out-of-town family.” We skipped the party.

Needless to say, it was a different kind of holiday for us — rather quiet. We’ve mostly recovered by now but have some lingering head colds and weak bodies. We got a foot of snow last night, too. Here are some pics from our quiet Christmas morning.

2 thoughts on “Recap of Quiet Christmas

  1. We all missed your family A LOT this season. I was sad that you were all sick. I love the pictures of the kids. I really like that lens of yours. (And, of course, I like those kids.) Hope to see you this weekend.

  2. Sorry you guys were sick! That sucks.We had that last year and it made the holidays seem less festive. Hope things are back to normal.

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