Snowy Sleigh Rides

We decided to drive to Midway, UT, tonight to participate in a horse-drawn sleigh (wagon) ride. The rides were offered by Rocky Mountain Outfitters and included a 25 minute sleigh ride followed by a visit to Santa’s Workshop. It was advertised as a sleigh ride but our winter has been so dry that they have to use wagons instead. We’ve had a few monster storms but only a few of them and we’ve had so many warm days that the snow has quickly melted.

Unfortunately, a cold front passed through just as we headed up to Midway. We drove from Fruit Heights, up Parley’s Canyon to Park City, and then to Midway for the sleigh ride. While we were in Midway, the weather turned worse and we saw evidence of nasty conditions in Parleys (thank you to smartphone and their fancy apps). Due to this, we decided to head down Provo Canyon and then north on I-15 for the drive home.

This was the route we followed tonight -- through an ill-timed snowstorm.

This was the route we followed tonight — through an ill-timed snowstorm.

The drive down the canyon was a white knuckle experience, really. The visibility was very low with few lights and no snow plows helping the cause. Luckily, we made it down — alive, no less! By the time we got to Fruit Heights, the roads were dry. Love it.

We had a good time tonight and the kids loved the ride and seeing Santa.

Austin and Santa

Lauren and Santa

Leah and Santa

One thought on “Snowy Sleigh Rides

  1. I love that Santa outfit – really old and classy looking! Of course, your cute kids add to the beauty. 🙂
    Sorry you had such a tough ride home. I hope this storm passes through and is over by the time family has to drive through it. It’s really nasty up here – no busses for high school students this morning. It’s still snowing and we’ve shoveled the driveway two or three times already.

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