Night Hiking

Jen went out on the town tonight so I had the four kids. I decided that instead of sitting here at home watching TV, playing with toys, arguing, or whatever else we were going to do, I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids on a night hike.

We live about a mile from an access point to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail so we all bundled up (it was about 40 degrees outside) and drove up to the trail. I brought a headlamp but convinced the girls we didn’t need it. The view of the valley was great because not only did we have the city lights, but many houses are lit up with Christmas lights, including ours, which we could see from our hike.

We ended up only walking 0.65 miles on a loop but Austin walked the entire thing. He was great and really enjoyed being outside, in his boots and coat, and with us doing something fun.

I really enjoy having experiences like these with the kids. I took a quick video (not much to see in this cell phone video, really), but check it out anyway. Fun times.


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