Four Kids

This picture is from a recent photo shoot we did in our backyard. Taking pictures with Austin is quite the challenge!


9 thoughts on “Four Kids

  1. Ha, ha. You are so used to sweet little obedient girls that pose just so when asked to smile for the camera. We never have successful photo sessions with the three boys. It’s one of my least favorite things to do. The picture is great and I love Austin’s face.

  2. It may be hard to get a photo of Austin like you want, but he’s so darn cute that it doesn’t really matter what he’s doing. This one of the best pictures EVER!

  3. Im liking Austin’s slicked back hair. Looking like very Jef like… you know from the Bachelorette.
    Those kids are so darn adorable.

  4. Adrianne, you are kinda correct. Abby is an angel when it comes to this kind of stuff. Leah and Lauren, however, have very little patience with photos and really don’t know how to smile like a normal person. I guess that’s okay because they aren’t really normal!

    Austin has given us a bunch of great poses over the last two years but I have to get lucky to have the shutter open when it happens. He just never sits still.

  5. Those kids are so great looking. We get lots of pictures of our boys…picking their noses, pulling ry’s hair, rolling in the mud. So even if you only got this one good shot, it is a really really good one.

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