It snow fun

The title is misleading, really. Snow can be tons of fun … and no fun at all. We woke up this morning (Jen’s birthday) to 13 inches of snow throughout our yard — yes, I did measure because I’m that kind of nerd. Jen wasn’t delighted to see all the snow and doesn’t really care for it. I don’t dislike it but I certainly never complain about snow in the mountains and rain in the valley.

The kids, though, love the snow. To them, it means we actually have something to do in the backyard finally. Ever since we moved and left our swing set at our previous house, the kids view the backyard as a pretty boring place. I don’t blame them. The pictures below are an indication of the snow that hit our house today.

After playing in the snow at our house, we went to Leah’s first basketball game. I was pretty excited to have a kid playing basketball but I couldn’t believe how frustrating it was to watch 2nd-grade girls play basketball for the first time. The things most of us take for advantage certainly does not come natural to most of them. Leah had fun, so I will be happy for her. After basketball, we went to Kevin and Liza’s house where we left our kids for an hour or so while Jen and I did some shopping. After shopping, we took the kids to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for more fun in the snow — sleds pulled by a 4-wheeler! We had a great time hanging out with cousins and grandparents. We also appreciate the pizza dinner and Red Mango dessert!

Jen told me that this birthday was one of her favorites; no doubt seeing her family for a good portion of the day is to blame.

2 thoughts on “It snow fun

  1. Looks like you ended up having some fun with it. I’m with Jen on the snow, don’t care for it and wish it wasn’t around.

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