Giants Win! Giants Win!

I am writing this post immediately after the Giants clinched the NLCS (National League Championship Series) in game 7 versus the Cardinals. Jen and I have both been Giants fans since we were kids (we both started rooting for them around 1986 and have been box score checkers since; I lived in Sacramento at the time and Jen lived in Sunnyvale).

We decorated Austin’s room with a Giants theme before he was born and have carried that theme into our new house. We made Giants shirts for our girls a year ago and all three of them wore their shirts to school today. It’s freakin’ adorable.

Us in our Giants shirts

Game 7 happened to fall on Monday night and that presents a conflict for us: we like to honor Family Home Evening as much as we can. However, we also wanted to watch game 7 since we didn’t watch game 6 (which fell on a Sunday night). So…Jen implemented a trick her Mom taught her many years ago.

Jen wearing her 2010 World Series champions t-shirt and me in my older too-big-for-me-now Giants shirt.

We decided to watch the game as a family for Family Home Evening but incorporated church themes into the game. We had a concession stand set up in the kitchen with pizza, homemade nachos, orange juice, Mamba candies (dye free!), fruit sorbet (we called it “ice cream”), and fruit. The kids had to pay for each of these items, though, by — and here come the church themes — reciting some well-known stuff they’ve learned over the years.

Needless to say, the kids loved it and so did their dad.

One more thing: Jen made the kids all eat a salad at 5pm, then sent them downstairs while she and I set up the kitchen with the decorations and food. The kids had no idea what was in store for them.

This was the sign Jen made welcoming the kids to the concession stand

This was the menu

This is an example of the shirts Jen made

This was hung on the house earlier in the week

Austin’s Giants shirt — he’s got some room to grow…

…but at least it’s his shirt to grow into!

4 thoughts on “Giants Win! Giants Win!

  1. Jen took it to a whole new level! Good job mama! You all look adorable in the shirts! Haven’t had that much fun watching ANY game in years!

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