Eleven Years

The happy couple at the Arc de Triumph

Today we celebrate our eleventh year of marriage. I am a lucky man to have found a woman as sharp as Jen to have for eternity. I knew I liked her the first time I met her, but we both had to overcome many hurdles before dating was something we wanted to pursue. We had a very interesting start to our relationship – as many of you did, as well – but once the dating started in earnest it became very apparent that we were going to be together for a very long time.

Jen is able to overlook many of my deficiencies and embrace the good qualit(y)ies I have. She is a great mother and has led us all through some drastic changes in our lifestyles over the last year, namely a more healthy existence through better eating. That was a huge mental and physical burden she placed on herself and I am grateful she did (not just because I immediately lost 25 lbs!).

I would be a lucky man to remain worthy to be her husband, partner, lover, friend, and confidant. Here’s to many more years!

4 thoughts on “Eleven Years

  1. WE are also very, very glad that you found each other. We love Jen! We love your family. Congratulations a day late.

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