The Ranch – Fall 2012

We go to The Ranch multiple times a year and every time we go we can’t believe we don’t go more often. It is such a great place to visit and get away from the Wasatch Front. It helps to have great hosts in Mont and Elaine. The weather was perfect, the food was great, the company was awesome, the drive was long (4 hours now that we’ve moved north), and the scenery was great. Here are a few pictures I captured while down in Bicknell and the surrounding areas including a quick trip up Boulder Mountain. I took the Boy Scouts camping at Coleman Reservoir on Boulder Mountain two summers ago and I’d heard it burned over in the Lost Lake Fire this summer. This was a good opportunity get up in to the burn scar. It was a bit weird being in a burn scar — but with my kids this time (I’ve visited dozens due to my career over the last 10 years). Since I spent time teaching them about wildfires I was half tempted to bill the hour(s)…

3 thoughts on “The Ranch – Fall 2012

  1. Wow! These pictures are incredible. Jess, you’re going to have to give me a lesson or two when we come in December. I loved the picture with the lake. Absolutely amazing.


  2. Beautiful pictures! They are pretty dang good. One of our old camping grounds burned up this summer too. Maybe you could come up and really bill some hours?

  3. All of these are beautiful as usual. I love Coleman Reservoir picture – and I’m fascinated by the branches and lines in the burned picture. Fantastic!

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