Saturday Thread

I had a mechanic tell me in May, 2011, that my Accord needed a new CV axle on the driver’s side.  It obviously wasn’t a life-or-death situation because I drove on that “bad” cv axle until Saturday, September 22, 2012. Turns out the axle itself hadn’t gone bad yet, but the protective rubber boot on the end was entirely gone and I was lucky road debris hadn’t ruined the axle to the point of my tire falling off!

I’d never replaced one of these before so I asked a few gear heads — and good friends — in my last ward to help me replace the part. With the right tools and some experience, turns out the CV axle is a pretty easy job. I am happy to be driving on a new CV axle and am happy to report the wheel hasn’t fallen off yet.

While I was getting dirty and working so hard yesterday, Jen and the kids were on Utah Lake enjoying one last boat outing of the year. Her dad called mid-week and said he was going to take the boat out one more time before winterizing it and the girls jumped at the opportunity. Austin had his first real boat experience and loved it. He loves anything perceived as manly and the large engine on the boat makes him excited.

After the lake, I met up with Jen, took Austin home to Fruit Heights, and then Jen and the girls went to the circus. They get front row tickets every year through Jen’s cousin (Heidi) and have a great time watching the freaks on the stage. Austin and I worked on the house (built a new cabinet / shelf to go above the microwave that will go above the stove). Are you seeing a pattern emerge here? Pictures and videos below…

[vimeo] [vimeo]

2 thoughts on “Saturday Thread

  1. I see the thread here — Dad and Austin do boy things. Jen and the girls do the girl things. 🙂 I loved the first video of the wind blowing in Austin’s face. It looked like it was going to blow him right out of the boat.

  2. I’m glad your tire didn’t fall off, that happened to Seth a few weeks ago and it wasn’t pleasant. So will you come and visit us again? Because your kids are so dang cute.

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