An assessment of the new place

A few things I love about our new place:

  • Space: The house is bigger (1,960 vs. 3,600 sq. feet), each kid has their own room, we have an office area on the main level, we have a piano room, and a room for the TV. The kitchen is bigger; Jen can be standing at the stove and I can be next to the dishwasher and we aren’t touching (wait, why is that a good thing?). The yard is bigger but doesn’t feel a ton bigger because of its layout — the backyard is very wide but not incredibly deep. The side yard is quite big, though, but it’s largely covered by a large basketball pad (well, covered by the truck and a bunch of yard debris I need to mulch up).
  • Commute: My last commute was 10 miles that took 25 minutes — largely all surface street, although 6 of those miles were on Bangerter Highway. It was a long commute and quite frustrating. My commute now is 24 miles and takes about … 25 minutes. The only surface streets I hit are leaving my neighborhood! I’ve started carpooling with a co-worker who lives in Kaysville and it’s nice to be able to share in the gas costs.
  • Neighborhood / Location: I love it. I love that I live on a street full of modest homes built in the mid 1980’s. There are some beautiful, large homes just east and south of us, but I live in a nice little modest neighborhood. The yards are beautiful and the abundance of secondary water means people keep their lawns green. I love living so close to the mountains with excellent access to some trails and sights.
  • Church Ward: The people here have been very friendly. There is a high church activity rate, meaning most the people who are “Mormons” actually come to church and fill various roles in the administration. This high activity rate means Jen and I get to lay low for a while! And since there’s plenty of “experience” in this ward, we’ll not be asked to fill any of those positions that require experience.

A few things that will take some getting used to:

  • Space: We have 4 bathrooms; that requires 4 toilet brushes, 4 trash cans, hand towels, toilet paper, etc. For most of the last 8 years, our house only had a single bathroom.
  • Neighborhood: Those beautiful, large homes just east and south of us have some people who are in a completely different socio-economic class than us. Some of these people are in our ward and are very friendly, but we live pretty different lives. I was trolling people in our ward on LinkedIn and there’s a remarkable number of people who run or own businesses. I work for the government.
  • Central Air: I’m so used to being dependent on the outside temperature that I get so totally annoyed when it’s 70 degrees outside at 10pm, yet my AC kicks on in the house (because it’s 76 degrees!). I’ve found myself turning the AC off by 9pm and opening some windows.
  • Old Windows: We purchased new windows for our last home in December, 2011, and paid them in full. We moved to this house only to find original windows. Yay!

Overall, we’re very happy to be here and have new experiences. We love the new place and environment, but there are plenty of reasons we miss our last place and the friends we have there. We crashed a party our last ward hosted last Saturday and had such a great time seeing so many friends. While we grew weary of the old neighborhood / commute / etc., we never grew weary of the good people we met in that area.

3 thoughts on “An assessment of the new place

  1. I liked your neighborhood and the feel of it, too. I’m glad you are happy there. You forgot to add one negative thing: too far away from your mother and father. 😦 Oh wait— maybe that’s why you moved? πŸ™‚
    You will have many happy days living there, I’m sure. Do the kids like their schools?

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