Today was, you know, monumental. Not only did I run in my first ever 5K, but I ran 3 miles in one setting for the first time ever. I’ve never run more than 2.85 miles in one setting, and that was just two weeks ago. I played basketball in high school and even in our offseason workouts, we never ran more than 2 miles at once. We picked a random race — the Run in Rhythm race through the Carma Center at the University of Utah. The race started at Rice-Eccles Stadium so we were in the middle of red country. Yes, it felt awkward. And a little dirty. I will meet with my bishop tomorrow to repent. I was happy to finish the race in less than 30 minutes (28:21) but that’s not a real impressive run. That equates to a little over three 9-minute miles — I wouldn’t make the high school cross country team, for sure. Nor would I want to.

The run was a lot of fun, though. I enjoyed running it with my sister, her husband, and their oldest son. I did come down with a fun blister that was burning pretty good by the end of the run, but it was all worth it. After the run, we went back to the stadium and participated in the U’s “Be Well Utah” health fair. They had a bunch of fun stuff set up for the kids and we loved it. Even though it was on the U’s campus and in their football stadium.

Just to make sure the universe was in equilibrium, I changed one of Austin’s poopy diapers on the football field. Right in the middle of the field. Ah, that felt good!

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