What we’ve been up to

Yes, this is a new post, but no, I have no pictures of the house yet. We’ve been super busy and I’m lucky to sit down long enough to make a blog post. Our last few weeks:

  • Saturday, Aug. 4: we moved in to our house. We had some great help in South Jordan loading all our junk and great help in Fruit Heights unloading all our junk. A quick funny story: On the Friday before we moved in, some lady came over to the house and offered to bring us dinner on Saturday after we got settled. I was delighted and accepted her offer. On Saturday as we moved in, our new neighbor stopped by and said, “I’m bringing dinner; do you want it at 5 or 6 tonight?” I considered my “predicament” and said, “5pm would be great!” After the trucks were unloaded, I was hooking up our dishwasher when one of the guys who helped us unload came over with two Papa Murphy’s pizzas and a few 2-liters of soda. About an hour later, the neighbor across the street came over with a bunch of food; they’d had a family get together that day and had a bunch of extra food and brought it over to us. So…four dinners / meals in the same day. (There’s more to this story…I’ll relate it later.)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 7: We attended the “Thursday’s Heroes Reunion” dinner with the BYU football team (see picture 7 of 8 to see my brother with the head football coach). What a great event and we were glad to be a part of it this year. My folks go every year (with Ammon) and then invite one of the local siblings to attend as well. My sister Chelsey went last year and I assume Adam will go next year. We snapped a picture of Austin and me with Kyle Van Noy, a stud linebacker at BYU and very likely someone with a future in the NFL.

Me and Austin with Kyle Van Noy, #3 on the BYU football team and stud linebacker.

Austin at the Thursday’s Heroes dinner

  • Thursday – Saturday, Aug. 9-11: we vacationed at Bear Lake by camping at Rendezvous Beach State Park on the south side of the lake. We went with some friends from our last neighborhood (Pixtons) and had a great time. Abby celebrated her 9th birthday on the Saturday we left to come home. I like Bear Lake; I like Garden City; I like raspberry shakes.
  • Sunday, Aug. 12: I caught an 8pm flight to Denver so I could attend a workshop in Boulder. I didn’t get to my hotel room until after 11pm that night.

And this was like, slide 15 of 159. Imagine how much worse it got!

  • Monday – Thursday, Aug. 13-16: I attended the workshop, and looked at slides like this picture above. Needless to say, my brain started hurting. I did take the opportunity to visit the Sidwells (friends from BYU) in Fort Collins on Monday and had dinner with a USFS colleague who works in Boulder on Tuesday. I enjoyed seeing these people. After the workshop ended on Wednesday at 5pm, I made the two hour drive south to Colorado Springs to visit my sister and her awesome family. I spent the night at their house and spent part of the next day with them. I enjoyed spending a bit of time with them but wish 1) it was longer and 2) that my family was there with me. I flew home Thursday night and was home by 8pm.

Tomorrow (Saturday, August 17) is the first “free” Saturday I’ve had in a long time. However, it’s not really free. We have some more work to get moved in. We discovered that the carpet we bought was garbage and needs to be replaced, so we’re awaiting that from the carpet dudes. We have some touch-up work on the mud/texture job in our kitchen (despite hiring a contractor to do the work). We have closets to organize, a bed (Lauren’s) to assemble, a microwave to install, board and batten to install, and etc. Lots to do!

Now, regarding the other foodstuffs. One of the ladies who brought us dinner on Saturday unexpectedly showed up on Sunday morning at 8:15am with a pan of German pancakes, smoothies, and muffins. Then she had my girls go out to her car and bring in a crock pot and rice cooker…for dinner that night! So, we actually had 6 meals provided in less than two days. Lauren remarked that she could get used to this. Me, too, baby girl. Me, too!


2 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to

  1. I need some neighbors like yours, free meals are the best! You guys are keeping so busy. Your slide show looks…fascinating. You know we have a HUGE fire smoking us out, you should come check it out when it’s all over and done with. That’ll probably be next year.

  2. I am glad things are going well for you guys. I wish I was there to help with the house and I wish you were here to help me re-roof mine. Isn’t Bear Lake a great place. I took Michelle sailing for the first time at Bear Lake.

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