We’re getting close

One more week until we move in…

First of all, we’ve had a lot of people help us as we’ve worked our tail ends off to get ready for our move. Brandon (Garner), Chelsey, Brent, Geoffrey, Kevin, Liza, Ryan, Marcie, and Mark. We would be half as far as we are without their help, so big thanks to them!

UPDATE: Big thanks to my sister, Kaitlin, who spent the entire day on Saturday chasing our kids around while we worked on the house. It was a great help!

Our main tasks before moving in are this: kitchen ceiling/lighting, new flooring on the main and upper levels, and painted walls. Three simple things, right?? I haven’t done any painting at all, so you can guess what I’ve been working on. The video below shows some of the progress.

Walls are Sherwin Williams “Repose Gray” and will look awesome once we’re all done. Carpet is coming from Ward’s Discount Carpets (our third time using them). Tile is coming from Bedrosians (second time using them) but installed by my buddy Mike Brough at Ramrock Construction. Before any of this flooring stuff could be done, though, we had to rid the house of some nasty pet odor. I don’t remember it smelling this bad in the walk through, but after pulling up the carpet, whoa! We decided to bleach all subfloors and will throw down some Kilz primer on Monday. It’s already a huge improvement with carpet, pad, and tack strips out of the house. Now it’s just sitting in the back of my truck awaiting a dump run.

Chelsey first noticed some dry rot in a wall that splits our master bedroom from the kid’s bathroom, and we’re going to have to hold off on carpeting our room until we figure out what we’re going to do there. The bathroom needs a remodel (Jason! Come help!) but that wasn’t in our “move in budget.”

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/46573531]

3 thoughts on “We’re getting close

  1. That is what I would love to see happen in this house–everything (or at least a lot of it) finished before I move in the house. But, that didn’t happen and probably won’t happen in any of the houses we will move to. Instead, we just have to live with a big fat mess while we also try to live our daily lives. It makes me not want to do projects. We still need to get new carpet, new counters, new flooring in the kitchen, chair railing in our bedroom…probably won’t ever happen to be honest. Anyway, it’s looking great in your new house.

  2. I love the grey wall colors, this new place is going to look sooo snazzy! I’m excited for you guys, and can’t wait to see the whole thing when It’s done.

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