Home working!

We are actively working on home improvements on our new home. I have not been good about taking pictures, so I don’t have much to show, but trust me, we’re doing stuff!

We’ve already torn down a 12″ drop down ceiling in the kitchen and will be making a tray ceiling (out of necessity) with new lighting. These are fun tasks because I had to move more copper water lines (converted them to pex) and also two duct lines that feed upstairs bedrooms. This is the biggest job on tap right now.

We are also moving a small wall and building another one in the transition between the kitchen and entry way. That will require a bunch of effort to move wiring and the central vacuum, but other than that it will be a great job.

We are doing new flooring on the entire main level; 250 sq. feet of tile and the rest carpet. We are debating new carpet on the upstairs level, too. The carpet up there is nice and in good shape, but the previous tenants had cats and their smell persists.

When we were negotiating our close, we convinced the sellers to give us $2,000 toward repairs. Unfortunately, the only way to make it official (legally binding) was to have the sellers cut a check to a contractor. So I called up a buddy (Mike Brough of Ramrock Construction) and said, “Hey, do you want $2,000 worth of work?” He agreed to lay all my tile plus mud, tape, and texture my garage. I love having a contractor do work for me on someone else’s dime. Yipee!

Jen is painting the walls and we are totally excited for new wall colors. We will also be putting up board and batten in the living room / office area in the house. Guess you’ll have to come up and see the house for yourself!


3 thoughts on “Home working!

  1. You shOULD VIDEO AND SELL TO HGTV..THEY LOVE RENO SHOWS. SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH WORK. I just LIKE THE STUFF LIKE PAINTING. That being said I am sure it will be wonderful and anxious to see.

  2. >The carpet up there is nice and in good shape, but the previous tenants had cats and their smell persists.
    two word – hardwood floors

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