Remembering Laila

When my niece Laila died last July, my sister and her family experienced understandable struggles. It was tough being there to witness the beginning of this struggle but tougher to leave them after a short week of grieving. Despite their internal struggles with the situation, my sister Adrianne decided to find a way to serve others through this experience. Her outward-looking perspective is shared here.

We wanted to support her so we did a few small service projects. Our projects were geared toward making things (quilt, journals, games) for children and their families at Primary Children’s Medical Center. This gave us great activities for our weekly family home evening activities. The girls loved participating in these projects and it gave us an easy way remember and talk about Laila.

Adrianne, who has now lived in four states since marriage (Utah, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Colorado) then organized a birthday party across the country on what would have been Laila’s first birthday. We got balloons from the store, wrote little notes to Laila on them, and then released them as a family on her birthday. We laid down on the grass in our backyard and watched the balloons disappear from our view. We were all glad to have participated in this activity. Thanks, Adrianne, for the excuse to serve!

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