We’re moving … somewhere

How weird. After so many posts over the last seven and a half years about home improvement, this post will be about moving. In fact, I started this blog July 15, 2005, about 5 months after we moved in this house. When we moved in, we had one child and were pregnant with our second. We unofficially had a 5 year plan of staying in this house but after five years we really had no intention of leaving any time soon. We lasted another two and a half years after that. This is somewhat significant given the fact that neither Jen nor I have EVER stayed in one house this long our entire lives. We both came from somewhat nomadic backgrounds. Ironically, my parents have now lived in the same house 13 straight years and Jen’s parents 9 years.

We put the house up for sale last Friday night around 9pm (see our virtual tour here). We had 6 showings on Saturday and two showings on Sunday while we were at church. By Sunday night we had accumulated 5 offers, 4 of which were over our asking price. Needless to say, this all happened quicker and better than we anticipated. We accepted an offer on Monday and close on the sale June 4, with a move-out day of June 7.

This house has been good to us: we bought fairly low and have had the financial flexibility to make upgrades and improvements that met our wishes and needs. We truly finished the basement a year ago for our own kids — not to move. It wasn’t until two months ago that we truly did something to simply sell the house: we replaced the range hood with a microwave / hood combo. Now we wish we’d have done that 7 years ago. Oh well, in the meantime I was busy spending nearly $20K on home improvements. Seriously: basement (~$8K), windows ($5K), roof ($2K — did it myself with the help of a buddy), patio pavers ($800), trex deck ($1K), new front lawn, sprinklers, built-in bookshelves, carpet, and paint — and others.

But I loved spending all $20K on those improvements. I learned a lot in the process and got a lot better at some of these things over time. Not only has the house been good to us, but our church ward has been fantastic. We’ve LOVED not feeling the “Keeping up with the Jones'” pressure. This ward represents a pretty good cross section of middle America — some poor, some rich, and a lot of us in between. We’ve made some fantastic friends and are truly sad to leave them. Hopefully we don’t go too far away so we can easily maintain the face-to-fact relationships that even Skype or iPhones can’t duplicate.

So, where / why are we going? Where is still unanswered. We are looking at neighborhoods around 4800 W. and 9000 S. We are looking in Glenmoor. We are looking in Welby. We are looking in the Teton Estates (sounds nicer than it is). We are looking at Skye Park. We even looked in Farmington and Kaysville last week and I’ll be honest: I liked it up there. It helps that we know two families who moved from this ward to that area. We are leaving mostly because we’re outgrowing our home. We have four kids and three of them will be teenage girls at the same time. It is time to move on and experience new things. We will be staying with Jen’s parents in South Jordan for a few months as we find a house. We are very lucky to have a place to bunk up during this transition phase.

This picture has nothing to do with the post. I just wanted to include some sort of graphic to this lengthy post.

Lauren and Dad’s Dandelions


3 thoughts on “We’re moving … somewhere

  1. I half expected you to announce another pregnancy or something like that. You said you were outgrowing that house and that’s just what came to mind. So now I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. 🙂 But in all honesty, I’m really excited for you guys. It’s a good thing. You could use the room and the girls will get to meet so many new friends. Have you thought about the schools though? Isn’t Leah in a french inclusion school? Are you happy with it? Will that be an option in the places you have looked?

    The picture of Lauren is gorgeous. I want to learn how to take pictures like this. Absolutely stunning Jess.


  2. Ditto the gorgeous picture comment. I love the photos from the ranch too. Jess, you are getting so skinny! Jen, you always have been :). Good luck finding a new place to live. You could always forget all the fancy and convenient trappings of the wasatch front and move to the lost river range. No french inclusion or extracurricular activities? But we do have a lot of cows. Interested yet?

  3. Oh Natalie, I’d love to live in a place with as much open space as you guys! Unfortunately, the work (that I’m good at) won’t follow me up there.

    We have considered the French immersion program and will do what we can to keep Leah in it. -Jess

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