French Kitchen

I haven’t posted since the late 80’s. I’m only going to highlight two things.

  1. I attended Abby and Leah’s SEP. I have not idea what that is besides a contextual guess that it’s “Student Evaluation …” uh, “Procedure,” or “Parameters,” or “Performance,” or I have no idea. It’s a fancy acronym for “Parent-Teacher Conference,” which should be called “PTC” if you ask me. Attending this has historically fallen under the auspices of Jen’s duties as the caring and loving mother. However, the meeting was set for a few hours after I returned from being out of town for two days, so I went so I could spend a bit more time with my ladies.
  2. (This isn’t item #2; rather, it’s a paragraph break, but since I decided to use a numbered list, it looks like item #2. Don’t be fooled.) Leah started the French immersion program at her school and the SEP for her French stuff was very amusing. Her French teacher, Madam Jeandel, sat Leah down and asked her to read from a French book. Then she asked her comprehension questions (all in French). Then she had Leah do some math from flash cards (all in French). I sat next to Leah and couldn’t stop laughing — not because it sounded funny, but because I was blown away. I didn’t know how else to react. (Jen will say laughing is my usual response, especially to things that aren’t supposed to be funny.) I couldn’t tell if I was just a proud papa as I thought, “Man, this girl rocks the French stuff!” or if she was average. Who am I to judge my daughter’s proficiency in French? I studied Russian!
  3. (Not #2, just paragraph #3.) After the French testing is done, Leah is excused from the room and I am allowed to speak in English with the teacher. I asked, “So, while this sounds great to me, how far along is Leah? If you were to compare her to a native French-speaking child in France, how would she stack up?” The teacher replied, “Leah would be an advanced 1st grader in France.” Hmm. Lemme get this straight: my 1st grade white-bread American daughter from West Jordan, Utah, is as advanced in her reading, comprehension, and pronunciation of French as a 1st grade (probably also) white-bread French kid from Paris, France? I’m okay with that. That’s my girl! I’m glad she takes after her mother.

Leah, my French daughter

  1. This is the real item #2, even though it now says #1 because the numbered list started afresh with an extra carriage return line feed. Now I’m speaking like a programmer! When we moved in, the kitchen cabinets were brown picture frame oak. The range and hood were ivory. We painted the cabinets an oatmeal color and then added a brown glaze (which Jen has grown weary of). We also added a wainscoting to the picture frame portion of the cabinets. We’ve generally liked the cabinets after that improvement. We also found a white range and hood at a garage sale for $80 a year after we moved in so I replaced those as well. Well, the time has come to free up some counter space, so I finally found a new home for a microwave. We bought a over-the-range microwave/vent and put it in the place of the old range hood. This task required moving the middle cabinets up 4 inches, ending the circuit that powered the range hood, and adding a new outlet to feed the microwave (we daisy chained from an existing kitchen circuit that rarely gets used). We were pleased with the results.
  2. This is the end.

This is the kitchen before we moved in.

Kitchen after wall painting, cabinet painting, and wainscoting.

Kitchen after white range and hood replacement. Hey, not a great photo, I know, but didn't take this picture to show off the stove...

New microwave

7 thoughts on “French Kitchen

  1. It is kind of funny listening to your kids speak another language, one that you don’t speak either. I think it’s so cool they have that kind of program in Utah. I found out they are starting to have schools like that all over the U.S. so I’m pretty excited to try and find one when we move back. Way to go Leah!

    Your kitchen is much improved. I like the microwave over the stove.

  2. I’m very impressed with Leah’s smartness! She’s a cutie besides. Well, all your girls seem to be smarties and I’m sure Austin will follow.
    I like your kitchen. It looks very nice.

  3. I sure hope Jake makes it into the Chinese immersion program. Fingers crossed. We should know by the 2nd week of April. Last year they had a waiting list. Glad Leah’s picking up on her french so well! That’s awesome!

    Kitchen is looking great!

  4. I should have had Leah speak french to me tonight! She is going to pass me up on my french skills soon if she hasn’t already! You should post a video. Really.

    Your house is so cute. I love how you guys have renovated it. You are one handy man!

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