Fixing cars, food, and the dishwasher

Yesterday (Friday) morning I stopped at the gas station a mile from my house to fill up. After pumping my gas, I got in my car but it wouldn’t start. I had electrical power, but it wasn’t turning the engine. After about five minutes of fiddling with this, I got some help from others pumping gas to push my car out of the gas stall over to a different part of the gas station parking lot. That was no small feat considering it was cold, windy, and the parking lot was covered in snow — and I was wearing deck shoes. None of us had any traction! I called Jen’s brother (thankfully home from work!) and he came over with a tow strap to haul me back home. We got the car back to my house and in the driveway.

Instead of taking one of our other vehicles and going to work, I decided to give this whole car repair thing a try. I figured, “Hey, I’m already an hour late to work and if I go to work, who knows when I’ll find time to fix this thing!” I did some quick research on the interweb to see how to replace the starter on a 1998 Honda Accord and found it to be pretty simple. So I gave it a try!

A few hours later, the starter was replaced and I was back on my way to AutoZone to get my core refund. This was my first starter ever so I was pretty pleased with my efforts. I also replaced the battery terminal connectors — that took plenty ‘o time considering their corroded state as well as the crappy new clamps.

Anyway, on to other news. We’re eating fairly healthy these days. We’re eating things like whole wheat tortillas, green smoothies, lots of green salads (sometimes with nothing more than purple grapes as dressing), hummus, no red meat for a few months now, whole wheat pizza dough, whole wheat (homemade) bread, potato soup sans the cheese, healthy and homemade granola bars, and wheat waffles with strawberry syrup. Things we’re not eating: much sugar, processed foods, white flour, frozen burritos, food dyes, etc. We’re not completely sugar free, but we’re a lot closer to sugar free than we are to “contestant on Biggest Loser.” The change in diet has had an immediate effect on my waistline with little increase in exercise. It’s pretty sweet.

I recently read “In Defense of Food” and enjoyed the point of the book: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” The author is a big proponent of unprocessed food and we’re doing much better at that in our house these days. The kids like some of these changes, but not all. It’s a work in progress.

Finally, the boy. He likes to “help” us clean the house. See the video.

4 thoughts on “Fixing cars, food, and the dishwasher

  1. Austin is so dang cute. That video is sweet. I’m not looking forward to that age with Ceci though. Too much work.

    Isn’t it great to learn something new? Congrats on figuring out the car thing. We just replaced our battery by ourselves the other week. That was a first for us. I also taught Hans how to change our own oil and filter. I like working on cars.

    I could learn a lesson from you guys in eating right. I was eating like that for about two weeks and got so sick of it, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I think the key is moderation and I tried to go full force all at once. Little baby steps need to be taken in my house.


  2. Back in the day, on a wreck I was driving, I found that the dead starter would give one kick if I connected it directly to the positive terminal of the battery. So, I took a long piece of wire, screwed it to the starter, poked it through the firewall, and let it hang from the dashboard. I did the same thing with another wire from the battery terminal. I then had two loose wires hanging from the dashboard. If I touched them together, the starter would kick, and off I would go. You can try this trick next time, but just be sure the loose wires don’t contact each other after the car has started.

  3. So I guess you are never ever going to come hang out with us again. We have red meat and sugar almost everyday, and if we didn’t Seth and Wes would revolt and I would be fired.
    I’m glad your car is all fixed up again, and regarding that heater core, Seth is not so stoked about that 🙂 Good luck
    I love Austin emptying the dishwasher, he and Peyton are so alike. Except Peyton likes to put the clean dishes in the garbage can. So helpful!

  4. I’m interested in any new recipes you’ve tried that both you and the children love? Please post.
    I wish we could fix cars. We have wasted a lot of money over the years at mechanic shops.
    Funny video. Your son is so adorable.

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