Austin and Food

I’ll admit…it’s a bit fun having a little boy around here. He and I are getting closer and closer and he loves to follow me around the house when I’m home. Just like his mommy. He also loves the idea of going outside and I can already tell it’s going to be a busy spring/summer trying to keep this kid out of the street (yet another reason we need to move to the middle of nowhere!).

Austin likes to stare out the window and dream of the day we go back outside

Austin's shirt says "I watch ESPN with my daddy." Since we don't have ESPN, we watch other stuff. And he sucks on my finger. Gross.

On to other news. Remember when I wrote about how we bought 450 lbs. of wheat? We’ve already used about 60 lbs. for various food items. We purchased a wheat grinder in the last 6 months and have loved having fresh, homemade bread. She’s also used it for other items and it’s perhaps started the food craze Jen’s currently on. 

We officially started the craze a few years ago when we cut out artificial food dye from the kids’ diet as well as we could. Did you know pickles come with food dye? That’s one we didn’t even think to check for the last few years. We cut out white bread a long time ago, which would make a former missionary buddy of mine happy. He would always say, “The whiter the bread, the faster you’re dead.” After learning about what goes into white bread (namely, flour that has been stripped of all its nutrition and essentially turned into glue), we were okay dropping that.

Now Jen’s been having us try “green smoothies” in our diet. She grabs the blender, loads it full of spinach, kale, collards, chard, two cups of water, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and then frozen fruits (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries). After a few minutes, she loads us all up with a concoction of healthiness. I’ll admit: it’s not too bad. In fact, it’s not bad at all. And if it means I’m now getting 15 servings of vegetables and fruits where I was previously getting 2, I’m okay with this.

We’re not moving to a liquid diet at all, however. These smoothies are mostly supplementing our diets. However, when Jen loads me down with 36 ounces of green slime in the morning, I don’t typically eat an additional breakfast. Next up for Jen: eliminating all refined sugars! I figure it took us a few years to get good at avoiding all artificial food dye; it’ll take us a few more years to eliminate the sugars, if we can actually get that far.

The kids mostly go along with this. Austin loves the smoothies, though, and it’s fun to see him just suck this stuff down! The irony of all this is that I married a girl whose definition of flavor was two types of cheese on her cheese pizza. She’s never been one to 1) try new foods, 2) eat vegetables, and 3) spend money on food. I was always the one who wanted more organic junk and greens and flavor and variety. Now I’m looking at the grocery bill and gulping.

Raw materials

"Green" smoothie

Austin loves the smoothies


4 thoughts on “Austin and Food

  1. We were all excited to start, now that I have seen it, not sure I can! i pictured them a lighter green…ummmm, bad Mom!!

  2. This coming from the girl who lived on Grandma Sycamore’s grilled cheese and fries?? I have had the green smoothies…super tasty but I think I will have to get a Vitamix because it makes it so much more smooth and lighter green when everything is smaller. And, Austin, that is one darling little boy.

  3. You two are such manly men, sitting in your pink and purple bean bags 🙂
    We’ll have to try the green smoothies, they sound good even if they don’t look it. But it’ll be a while before I can give up my white bread. I just like it too much!

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