Christmas has come and gone. It’s always a bit of a surreal feeling every year because you spend so much time and energy and money getting ready for Christmas … and now it’s all over. Now we have a few minor holidays to look forward to over the next two months, but it’s really the dog days of winter now. Having said that, though, we haven’t really had winter yet. We basically had a three-week inversion with no snow or sun. It was pretty miserable. By the end of the inversion, I’d formed a head cold that has now officially lasted one week. I’m still struggling with how my body is reacting to this cold / sinus infection.

We actually bought 'boy toys' for the first time in our married lives

We had a fun Christmas nonetheless. We spent Christmas Eve and morning at Jen’s parents’ house. This is probably the last time we’ll ever spend the night at someone’s house over Eve / Morning because we’re getting old enough and have enough junk of our own that we’ll probably stick to our own home from now on. The kids got lots of schwag and came away feeling like it was a pretty nice Christmas. To be honest with you, we’ve never not had a nice Christmas and have been very blessed to have gainful employment our entire marriage.

Jen and I didn’t do much gift exchanging on Christmas because we’ve been purchasing our gifts over the last month or two. For example, Jen recently purchased a nice wheat grinder — a present that I really benefit from because she makes an awesome wheat bread! We also both purchased smart phones from Costco (Samsung Galaxy S 4G – free phones but now have to pay for data on our cell plans) in the last month. Finally, we also purchased Photoshop Elements from Costco for $50. It’s been a pretty fun month despite the fact that we didn’t really open many presents from each other on Christmas morning.

The video below is the present opening — 66 minutes of presents condensed into 35 seconds.

7 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. I can’t believe how little time we’ve seen you over the holidays. Sheesh — it’s very sad. I hope you finally got your Christmas present from us today. Kaitlin still has your gift here. You’d think you lived in Florida – or Germany – or Iowa. Pretty sorry state of affairs this year.
    I’m glad you had a nice Christmas. We missed you up here but hopefully you are feeling better now.

  2. I think that video is really funny. How did you keep the area so clean for so long? the idea of toting all the presence to another house sounds too tough to me for a family like yours.

    We are sure glad to have been able to come up to see you for a while last week. We loved the new windows!

    Dad Clark

  3. We too enjoyed buying the boy toys even though he will not be able to do anything with them for a while 🙂 Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

  4. I am just getting to my Christmas post. You are on the ball. Although I did just get your christmas card today… so I guess we’re even. You have such sweet kids! I like your 12 days of Christmas song, too, I think I’ll just insert Peyton for Austin and make it my own.

  5. Great video. Also funny that you are buying boy toys. I sure have had my share of that and those are so much fun to have around. My best suggestion for toys is legos and lots of them. My teenage boys are still playing with them and we never seem to have enough so keep buying those . Wish we could have seen you guys at Christmas. Hope you are all feeling much better now.

  6. That was the most organized thing I’ve ever seen. Not a scrap of wrapping paper sat on the floor for more than half a second. The boxes were crushed and stacked instantly. No one argued or threw punches. There was no mess whatsoever. Almost too good to be true.

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