Roofing birthdays

Two main things to mention here: new roof and Austin’s 1st birthday.

  • Our house is was on the original roof. That’s not crazy since the house was built in 1985. But with three-tab 25 year shingles, the roof was starting to look original. Luckily, I know a guy, if you know what I mean. He came over, took professional measurements, got a quote from Roofers Supply, and awaited my word. I went in and made the purchase and scheduled delivery of roughly $2100 of materials — 30 year architectural shingles, pipe flashing, ridge caps, 4 turtle vents, and nails. They came and we got started. My buddy reminded me how to do this roofing thing and he also did a lot of the “hard” stuff, namely handling the valleys. I really appreciated his help and time sacrifice he made to come over a few times to get me back on track. It took me more than a month to finish the job because we’re so dang busy — oh yeah, and I went to Europe in the middle of all this. The roof looks great!

    From the top of the house looking over two gabled roof lines over the kids' bedrooms.

    I added these roof vents and am looking forward to a cooler house next summer.

The Christmas lights came separately.

  • Austin turned one year old November 22. Jen made a little cake for the little monster, cupcakes for the rest of us, and little monster picks to adorn the sugary offering. She also made Austin a monster onesie that he wore on the special day. This kid really is a (happy) monster. We have to hide our garbage cans, child lock all drawers, barricade the bathroom, watch stairs, etc. Our lives are a constant battle of following this kid around the house picking up what he destroys. It was amusing for the first little while; now it’s just tiring!

    Happy Birthday, Little Man


    Monster cupcakes -- most scrumptious

    Austin had his own little cake.

    This was about as far as he got.

    The little guy had plenty of help from sisters and cousins.


5 thoughts on “Roofing birthdays

  1. love the cupcakes! my mom is right our roof is bad came do ours. Austin is so cute! and of course he had to smash his cake!

  2. I wish we could have come up to help celebrate Austin’s birthday. He’s absolutely adorable! Our roof is next in line, guy—- Your’s looks awesome! Congratulations on getting the job completed before the snow came.

  3. Austin is exhausting? Now you know why the Beebe parents look much older than we are…3 monsters will KILL you! Happy birthday little Austin! =)

  4. While the new roof was a lot more time consuming and expensive, and does look pretty dang good, but those cupcakes are adorable! Happy Birthday to your little guy, I’m glad he is exhausting you, that means he’s normal!

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