Garden Harvest

We planted a small garden this year. I’ve blogged about our square foot gardening planning here already. We had some problems due to a long, wet spring and bugs (or something) eating our sprouts. We had to re-plant a few things as well as transplant some stuff, but things eventually took off. Pictured here is an example of some of the different vegetables we’ve grown.

Tomatoes, Cucumber, Corn, and Carrot

We had a great corn harvest and loved eating that. Our tomatoes are just now turning red. Our peppers, not pictured here, are struggling but look to be making a comeback. Our cantaloupes are slowly ripening. We had a lot of lettuce (butter crunch variety) but it never really tasted like, well, what I envision butter crunch tasting like. They were bitter. The cucumbers are going crazy and we can’t keep up. We let our cilantro go to seed before harvesting. Oops.

Overall, a fun experiment and one we’ll repeat next spring.


4 thoughts on “Garden Harvest

  1. good work brother. Can’t wait to be a home owner so I can Garden as well. I hating it as a kid but then again I hated anything mom and dad tried to make me do as a kid. Ha!

  2. Sounds yummy! We’ve tried the lettuce as well and thought it was really bitter too. We just got 10 gallons of pears that now need to be canned. Yikes. There are a few cherry tomato plants that are doing well here too. Now if only picking raspberries wasn’t so prickly!

  3. Our lettuce is delicious! I am impressed with your yield. We’re still waiting on a lot of things to mature, just hope it doesn’t freeze first. The air here has been so smokey the past few weeks we’re not getting enough sun. I’m sure someone will need to come map this fire in person.

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