We continued our summer of craziness by heading to the lake last weekend. In particular, we went to Yuba Lake in central Utah. It’s about 89 miles from our house south on I-15 and isn’t incredibly big. But it’s big enough to have some fun. Jen’s parents invited us down to enjoy some water sports. I didn’t grow up doing water sports and can honestly say I suck at them. Jen, on the other hand, is a natural. We all tried wakeboarding for the first time and also had some fun on the tubes. The water was warm and it was nice to get away for a quick trip.

I also had some fun taking a few night photos. Star pictures are incredibly hard to take, so I figured I might as well add something to the foreground to take your focus off the blurry stars. However, I have a very hard time focusing on anything in the dark because my lens doesn’t have an infinity setting and I have to do it all by sight, which is kinda hard in the dark. Duh.

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  1. I have been water skiing once in my life. My brother, Clifford, had a boat and took me to Utah Lake. I got up and it was fun. This was about in my late Jr. High years.

    So have the kids slept out like that before? And what about Jen? Did she ski?

    You should have gone fishing. My brother, Jack, fishes there and has caught some very big fish.

    Dad Clark

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