Cougar Kick-off

Today was the annual “Cougar Kick-off” for the BYU fall sports. The athletic department hosts an event where women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, track and field, and — oh yeah — football players were all available to sign posters, hats, shirts, footballs, etc. We made the hour-long drive down to Provo with the girls tonight. I’ve met a lot of the football team through the Thursday’s Heroes program, so I honestly wasn’t that excited about that part. I wanted to have my girls meet their collegiate counterparts in soccer and volleyball. However, after getting down there, they didn’t seem to care about the athletes. Instead, they really wanted a picture with the … cheerleaders.

Sigh. I had so much hope for them.

6 thoughts on “Cougar Kick-off

  1. Ha! At least those cheerleaders can teach them how to cheer real loud at the games! Looks like the kids had fun!

  2. I think you guys had more fun at this than we did at the Heroes reunion. It was nice but not as much fun as last year. I’m glad you took those girlies down there. If they are going to wear San Francisco gear, they had better split it with BYU gear, too!

  3. How fun! So they want to be cheerleaders, live with it! Rylee loves the last post about Abby’s b-day, she asked if she can go to a concert when she’s 8 too. You give my kids high hopes of a much cooler life that they’ll never have 🙂

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